unconventional lesbian friends (ebook) 9788826093499
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  • Formato: EPUB - SIN DRM
  • Editoral: MISTRESS DARIA
  • Lengua: INGLÉS
  • ISBN: 9788826093499
This book contains Hot First Tim? L?sbian BDSM Erotica!

H?r mouth was so soft, nothing lik? a man's. On th? driv? back, I ask?d Gabri?ll? to tak? a long?r rout? so w? could tak? a littl? for courag?. It dawn?d on m? that w? had just giv?n our two unconv?ntional l?sbian fri?nds, a lic?ns? to go and plan for us anything th?ir littl? h?arts d?sir?d, in our abs?nc?.

Th? hous? app?ar?d compl?t?ly dark, and w? jok?d that th?y must'v? gon? out. Upon op?ning th? door; how?v?r, w? could s?? candl?light coming from th? family room and th? b?droom. W? call?d out, but no on? answ?r?d, th?n w? saw th? not?. 

It r?ad: Tak? off all of your cloth?s and choos? a room. 

I look?d at Gabri?ll?, and I'd imagin? our ?xpr?ssions w?r? id?ntical, who had a puzzl?d, y?t amaz?d ?xpr?ssion on h?r fac?.  I flash?d h?r a glanc? that ask?d, "what do w? do?" and sh? b?gan r?moving h?r cloth?s.  

All of a sudd?n I fr?ak?d out! My mind was spinning, my h?art was racing, and ?v?ry n?rv? in my body was at att?ntion.

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