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  • Formato: EPUB - DRM
  • Editoral: PENGUIN
  • Lengua: INGLÉS
  • ISBN: 9781405934404

Envy, lust, sorrow . . .

From the author of A Bouquet of Barbed Wire comes an anthology of short stories overflowing with sensation - Andrea Newman leads you through a series of visceral sensations - swirling sexuality, jealousy, love and loss.

The power he was using over her was the power she had given him . . .

Here you will read about sensuality and desire and the most basic characteristics of life which seek to dominate the human mind. Through stories such as Poison, Casualties and Memento Vitae you will experience the shockwaves sent out by a relationship between two that morphs into a triangle, and witness its damning consequences.

Newman seeks to speak our unspoken thoughts with this collection. These stories exhibit the ever-shifting dynamics of relationships as we slip from lover to lover and the impact of forbidden love.

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