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  • Formato: EPUB - SIN DRM
  • Editoral: BABELCUBE INC.
  • Lengua: INGLÉS
  • ISBN: 9781507199855
Used like a pawn by her father, betrayed by her best friend and left by the man she loved, the sweet and gentle Beatrice seems to disappear to be replaced by a cold woman who, behind a mask of false happiness, hides just dissatisfaction.
Beatrice is a girl like many others: nice even if a little overweight, quiet but in a continuous contrast with her fathers stiff ideas. When she falls in love with the wrong boy, shes sent abroad and there her transformation will begin.
In the Greek isle of Santorini, in an enchanted landscape with intense colours, she meets Christophe: a mysterious and charming figure who conquers her like nobody had succeeded in doing before, a man who, yet, seems to hide something.
For a while, life smiles at her, for a while life gifts her with illusions, illusions about a future she will never be able to have.
Back in Italy, shes no more the same person as before. From the unenthusiastic student springs an ambition hard to recognize even for she herself, from the deep pain preventing her from eating blossoms the beautiful girl she has always dreamt to be. But the reason of her success is the pain, a pain that will transform her, unwillingly, in a cold and authoritative woman, admired but feared.
Who doesnt know her well can just envy her for a wonderful job, a charming husband - always there, ready to understand and give her what she desires - a privileged life that few could own, but a fire inside her gnawes at her deepest, because she feels something is missing, she feels that all that happiness is just a farce: a farce that will create problems to her marriage, a farce that will force her to deal with the ghosts of her past.

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