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  • Formato: EPUB - DRM
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  • ISBN: 9781543910261
Practical and Hard-Earned Fundraising Solutions That Charities of Any Size Can Use The Ultimate Fundraising Case Study is a raw, unfiltered, hold-nothing-back look into the grind of a real fundraising campaign. It makes no pie-in-the-sky promises about guaranteed fundraising success. Instead of fluff, youll get 12 super-practical fundraising takeaways you can start using immediately. Each takeaway is based on the bruising experience of a truly grassroots effort. Applying these lessons will help you time warp past months of wasted time diving into rabbit holes that would otherwise lead to frustration and burnout. Enter in to the story of the gritty reality of raising money to build a human trafficking safe home in Nepal. See all the ways we failed. Feel the breakthrough joy of the key moment that turned everything around. Then tap into the three primal fundraising forces that drove it and harness them in your own fundraising. With powerful axioms, revelations, and warnings about fundraising, donors, volunteers, social media, technology, and events, The Ultimate Fundraising Case Study touches on just about every key aspect of modern day fundraising.

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