paying the handymen (ebook) 9788827511640
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  • Formato: EPUB - SIN DRM
  • Lengua: INGLÉS
  • ISBN: 9788827511640
Jenny has a problem. As a young single mom, living on a very limited income, she simply can't keep up with all the demands of life. Working two jobs, barely keeping up with the bills – when an electric line in her home fries and leaves her without electricity, it's more than she can handle.
Then again, Jenny has always had one asset like no one else – her voluptuous, sensual body body. Ample breasts, thin waistline, and legs that just go on and on and on…a beautiful girl-next-door face with piercing blue eyes, all framed in the loveliest blond hair. Jenny's always know she can have any guy she wants.
So Jenny puts an ad online – she'll trade a handjob, maybe two, (while she's dressed in a provocative barely-there teddy) for a good guy who'll fix up her home wiring.
Jenny gets more than she bargained for, when Jim shows up, not replacing the faulty wiring, but repairing a half-dozen fixtures, arranging for some much-needed car repairs, even getting her some good, solid, new furniture.
Then it comes time to pay, and oh…Jim and his friends expect a lot, and Jenny finds herself on a harrowing, carnal, arousing payment plan of public sex, gangbangings, BDSM, and even her first lesbian experience.
And it's all inside, just a download away…

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