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  • Editoral: MICHAEL JOSEPH
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  • ISBN: 9780718188153

Chrissys Cravings are the simple and delicious recipes, for the food you WANT to eat . . .

There are plenty of celebrity cookbooks out there, but Chrissys is different . . . its completely unfussy and accessible. She has an attitude about food that[we] can relate to.Marie Claire

She reigns supreme on social media. She says what she thinks. She eats what she WANTS. Chrissy Teigen struts her stuff from runways to red carpets and shes a total foodie too.

Maybe shes on a photo shoot in Zanzibar. Maybe shes cracking jokes on TV. But all Chrissy Teigen really wants to do is talk about dinner. Or breakfast. Lunch gets some love too.

For years, shes been collecting, cooking and Instagramming her favourite recipes, and here they are: from all day breakfasts to Johns famous fried chicken with spicy honey butter to her mums Thai classics.

Salty, spicy, saucy and fun as hell (not just the food, but Chrissy, too) these dishes are for family, friends, date night, TV dinners, party time and for a few of those life-sucks moments. Youll learn the importance of chillies, the secret to cheesy cheeseless eggs and life tips like how to use bacon as a home fragrance, the single best way to wake up in the morning and how not to overthink men or Brussels sprouts. Because for Chrissy Teigen cooking, eating, life and love are one and the same.

Packed with super-easy recipes, Mrs John Legend serves up her stomach pleasers that will leave you dribbling over the pages Heat Magazine


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