community conservatives & the future (ebook) john horst 9780615874883
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Our future is bound up in a decision: Will we view our community through the prism of politics? Or will we view our politics through the prism of our community? If you think we can still get good work done together; if you think our communities should come first and our politics should be seen in that light, this book is for you and lays out a pathway to that future. If you do not see yourself as a conservative, but you do see yourself as a neighbor willing to work together with those who are likewise willing to work together with you, this book might surprise you. But if youre too busy to engage with your neighbors and fixing what is broken is someone elses job, there might not be anything here of interest. This might look like a book about politics. It is – secondly. It is first a book about community and belonging. While were pushed away from each other by those who view community through the prism of politics, there is something we can do about this. Here you will read what those things look like from a conservative point of view. If you pay attention to political news, youll recognize some of these things; youll be surprised by others. Here is what you will find. • The number of those who remember Ronald Reagan – and why his ideas mattered – are getting smaller because – well – we are dying. • The single most important question we must ask, and what our answer will mean for our communities, our life together across racial lines and for the unique significance of multiculturalism in America. • How todays culture places belonging before believing. Ideas matter, but the right to be heard on the issues of the day simply must be earned. • Why government works best when communities nurture a sense of ownership, responsibility and community – and how this produces an essential sense of dignity. • The roots of social conservative thinking – and the surprising reasons why it calls us to a stronger commitment to our neighbors.

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