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Would you agree that complete change can only come from an alternate view of your own identity? Every other belief and every behaviour is built on that one idea of who you are. I also had a set way of looking at myself and believed that it is basically impossible to radically change, but my world was turned upside down when I was lucky enough to experience short periods of complete happiness. That was many years ago, and it showed me that there was another way of thinking about myself.

In one of those short periods, the total contentment lasted several weeks and was linked to breathing exercises that I was doing at the time. In the other, it lasted a few days when I reached a mental state where I totally “gave up” or “let go”. In both cases I wasn’t looking for contentment, but now I wanted to experience it again, and preferably constantly! Interestingly, I did not need to confront any specific issue in my life to reach contentment. Instead of trying to replicate the experiences by simply repeating what I did (it wouldn't have worked!), I wanted to understand the mechanism behind it. I wanted to reverse engineer contentment. Ambitious!

My feeling was always that we are missing a basic truth about ourselves, something simple, but still, many years of disappointment would follow. Thanks to the internet, I did find Anthony de Mello’s book Awareness, where I recognised my experiences of total happiness in his descriptions. Clearly he had experienced contentment as well. He stated the basic truth that I was looking for: that the way to happiness is by not identifying with the body or negative feelings. Thanks for the tip, but, with all respect, how do I “not identify”?! So, the method was unclear.

I thought my chances to find a well defined simple method in a book was close to zero, considering the confusing mess of information that is out there. So I set out to develop a method myself. Through painful trial and error, and things I learned about how our brain work, I tried to define a method that contained no unnecessary or confusing superfluous information. As soon as a method became too complex, I abandoned it. More years passed and, at last, now I can safely say that my search for a method is over, I am content.

My conclusion is that our discontent comes from identifying with our body and its sensations. This a small but important deviation from the wording that Anthony de Mello used, i.e. "sensations" vs. "negative feelings", and also gives a clue as to the method that should be used to reach contentment.

In this single-page book I describe the simple method that corrects our self-perception and rids us of fear. At least, it will improve your quality of life on all levels, and, at times, you might experience total contentment. Irrespective of the degree in which it affects you, this method is the compass that can guide you in the right direction.

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